2020 Projects

Despite the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic, GCLP proudly focused it’s 2020 community projects on East Gippsland as a commitment to bushfire recovery and the health and economic wellbeing of fire-affected communities.

GCLP Calendar – Mockup 01 1024x654 - 2020 Projects

Syndicate Ardern

Project – Growing Back East Gippsland Creative Arts Competition & 2021 Calendar
The syndicate engaged local schools in the development of artwork for a wall calendar that focused attention on the principles of Regrowth, Resilience and Hope based on the experiences of students following the 2020 bushfires in East Gippsland.

The project received over 80 entries from students in East Gippsland. Using 12 winning entries the calendar was developed with over 900 being sold. From the profit a donation of $13,000 will be made to a charity supporting bushfire recovery efforts in East Gippsland.

Project Partners
HDT Williamson Foundation, The View From Here, Gippslandia and Committee for Gippsland.

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Clifton Creek playground  1024x655 - 2020 Projects

Syndicate Attenborough

Project – Clifton Creek Community Playground
The syndicate developed a project to assist the Clifton Creek CRC to rebuild an all-inclusive, all-ages playground following the East Gippsland bushfires.

Designed in collaboration with the local community, and installed at the Clifton Creek Public Hall and Recreation Reserve, the playground is a symbol of progress and recovery for the bushfire ravaged township. Landscaping included soft-fall mat and sand and a native wildflower track.

Project Partners
HDT Williamson Foundation, Clifton Creek community and local businesses, and Committee for Gippsland.

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Gippsland Volunteer Project sml - 2020 Projects

Syndicate Bill Slade

Project – Gippsland Professional Volunteers
The syndicate developed an accessible online platform as a conduit between community groups/not-for-profits and professional people living or working in Gippsland who are interested in volunteering their time and skill-sets for one-off projects.

A platform was established via Facebook and within months of its launch a total of 447 individuals had joined the page. The platform also enables community groups and not-for-profits to advertise their needs to a targeted group of professionals willing to volunteer for one-off projects.

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Syndicate Croajingalong

Project – East Gippsland Tool Drive
Tools are often lost to bushfire, yet they’re essential to the recovery and rebuild process. The Croajingalong Syndicate campaigned for funding to purchase new tools and give the toolboxes to community groups across East Gippsland to distribute to fire affected people in their local communities.

The Funding campaign was successful raising a total of $70,123.20 for toolbox purchases. As a result, 160 toolboxes and 160 ($40) gift vouchers have been distributed to recipients in East Gippsland.

Project Partners
Bushfire Recovery Victoria, Gippsland Lakes Complete Health, Windermere, Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund and the Committee for Gippsland.

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Syndicate Infinity

Project – Understanding Country and Connection
In partnership with the Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation (GLaWAC), the syndicate developed a project to gather data to assist in the understanding of the Cultural awareness and competency of different parts of the community on Gunaikurnai Country.

The syndicate delivered and analysed a significant survey regarding a Gippsland snapshot of Aboriginal Cultural Awareness. The survey was completed by 357 people in Gippsland, and within the cohort there was representation from many sectors and demographics, and a wide geographical distribution across Gippsland.

The data gathered will be used by GLaWAC in its continual improvement of positive cultural awareness and will help inform competency programs across Gunaikurnai country.

Link – Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation (GLaWAC)…