Community & Employer benefits

Community Benefits

Leadership Gippsland Fellows (our graduates) are more involved in their communities, with a focus on supporting community: our community groups, not-for-profit organisations, schools and service clubs:

  • Active participation by graduates through their chosen community projects
  • 29.4% of graduates surveyed recently had attracted funding to their region through community projects
  • 51% of Graduates had increased community participation after graduating from GCLP
  • All report a much greater awareness of their impact as leaders in providing support to their community.

Employer Benefits

  • A recent survey of graduates showed:
  • 80% of graduates surveyed felt their employer/community had benefited through a broadening of their perspectives, mindsets, attitudes and behaviours.
    84.3% of respondents felt they had increased capacity and access to resources and skills.
  • 35% had been promoted or assumed new roles after graduating
    35% had moved from middle management to executive roles
  • 20% had moved from Executive Management to CEO roles **

** 2013 Survey of Graduates of Victorian Regional Community Leadership Programs