Community & Employer Benefits

Community Benefits

Leadership Gippsland Fellows (our graduates) are more involved in their communities, with a focus on supporting community: our community groups, not-for-profit organisations, schools and service clubs:

  • Active participation by graduates through their chosen community projects
  • 29.4% of graduates surveyed recently had attracted funding to their region through community projects
  • 51% of Graduates had increased community participation after graduating from GCLP
  • All report a much greater awareness of their impact as leaders in providing support to their community.

Employer Benefits

  • A recent survey of graduates showed:
  • 80% of graduates surveyed felt their employer/community had benefited through a broadening of their perspectives, mindsets, attitudes and behaviours.
    84.3% of respondents felt they had increased capacity and access to resources and skills.
  • 35% had been promoted or assumed new roles after graduating
    35% had moved from middle management to executive roles
  • 20% had moved from Executive Management to CEO roles **

** 2013 Survey of Graduates of Victorian Regional Community Leadership Programs


Growing Gippsland’s Leaders

Hear from sponsors and past graduates as they reflect on what their involvement in the Gippsland Community Leadership Program has done for them personally, for their workplace and for their career.