GCLP 2021 Launch 1024x773 - Creating Future Leaders For Gippsland

Creating Future Leaders For Gippsland

The Gippsland Community Leadership Program (GCLP) had the pleasure of graduating 26 Gippsland leaders as alumni.

It was been a privilege to facilitate and watch the journey they made navigating the challenges of 2020; each and every one of them an inspiration. Congratulations to all!

A focus to the evening was to also launch the 2021 leadership program, with the 2021 cohort welcomed by Committee for Gippsland and GCLP staff and board members, and a number of the 600-strong GCLP Alumni.

GCLP Anneli Blundell 1024x882 - Creating Future Leaders For Gippsland

Key note speaker at this year’s GCLP’s Graduation & Launch was Anneli Blundell.

Anneli is on a mission to humanise the leadership landscape and change the way we see each other. Known affectionately as the ‘Professional People Whisperer’ (don’t hold that against her), Anneli has become the trusted advisor for many executives and leaders when it comes to increasing their influence, engagement, and interpersonal impact for better business results – for themselves, for their teams and for their companies.

Anneli uses her vast knowledge and decades of experience decoding people, to bring the everyday behaviours and communication habits to the forefront of getting results. It’s often the simplest shifts that create the biggest results, but the key is knowing what to shift. The way we interact, communicate and connect with others has a dramatic impact on our ability to get results.

Anneli’s clients’ know that social skills are the skills for the future – Customer service, collaboration, leadership, culture, change management, sales, negotiation, all require an ability to read people, to connect with people, and to understand what makes them tick. People skills amplify technical skills. No connection, no competitive advantage. And the choice is always ours.

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