Michael Carr Gregg - Education In Gippsland – Gippsland Community Leadership Program

Education In Gippsland – Gippsland Community Leadership Program

In growing Gippsland’s leaders, the Gippsland Community Leadership Program is providing its 2020 participants with access to a rich and diverse field of experienced and knowledgeable leaders, mentors, advocates and advisors.

This year’s Education In Gippsland workshop is a key element of the overall leadership program and the group was fortunate and privileged to hear from, and interact (online) with four experienced and knowledgeable leaders who contribute in so many ways locally, nationally and internationally.

Paul Boys - Education In Gippsland – Gippsland Community Leadership Program

The workshop’s first guest speaker was Paul Boys Director of Gippsland TECH SCHOOL – Hi-Tech Precinct – Morwell, hosted by TAFE Gippsland.

Paul Boys is a professional educator with more than 20 years of experience in education management, teaching, and industry engagement in both regional and City colleges.

Paul has been responsible for the Management of a regional TAFE Campus for the past 5 years and spoke to the group about Design Thinking, transitioning from classroom-based to online or virtual learning.

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Michael Carr Gregg - Education In Gippsland – Gippsland Community Leadership Program

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg is one of Australia’s highest-profile adolescent and child psychologists. He wrote his PhD at the University of NSW on Adolescents with Cancer and named and founded CanTeen more than 30 years ago with a group of young cancer patients.

He has worked as an academic, researcher, and political lobbyist. He is also the author of 14 books and sits on the Board of the Australian Children’s Television Foundation, and the National Centre Against Bullying. He is the resident parenting expert on Channel 7’s Sunrise, as well as a social commentator on the Morning Show with Neil Mitchell on Radio 3AW.

Dr Carr-Gregg spoke to the Gippsland Community Leadership Program participants about Managing The Coronacoaster – tips for building resilient individuals and families in the coronavirus era.

GCLP would like to thank TAFE Gippsland for supporting our program on Education in Gippsland and bringing Dr. Michael Carr-Gregg to the program today.

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Leigh Kennedy - Education In Gippsland – Gippsland Community Leadership Program

Leigh Kennedy is Federation University’s Head of Campus (Gippsland), and provided the group with an overview of the Gippsland Campus and discussed its future in terms of strategy and engagement.

As an executive with nearly 20 years of international leadership experience, spanning five continents, she is acknowledged for her proficiency in strategy, research and planning in banking, consulting, communications, research and analytics.

Leigh has previously worked with consulting firm, Accenture (2000-2006), and a British bank called Standard Chartered Bank (2006-2014). In 2011, Leigh was awarded an Executive MBA (Distinction) from the CASS Business School, City University London.

Leigh is passionate about the region and being able to work to optimise the campus’ development and contribution to the region.

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Andrew OLoughlin - Education In Gippsland – Gippsland Community Leadership Program

Professor Andrew O’Loughlin is an internationally experienced and visionary business leader, who has spent the last 20 years working as a consultant and lecturer across all aspects of business management and entrepreneurship.

Andrew’s core focus and areas of expertise include:
o Entrepreneurship
o Business leadership
o Innovation
o Technology in business
o Operations and Supply Chain Management
o Strategic planning
o Risk management

He spoke the GCLP 2020 cohort about leadership in the region and the role of Federation University in supporting leadership capability and growth, and new educational framework (NEF).

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