Dean Sutton GCLP - GCLP Alumni Dean Sutton – Leadership Podcast

GCLP Alumni Dean Sutton – Leadership Podcast

Gippsland Community Leadership Program 2019 alumni Dean Sutton was recently the subject of a Regional Leadership Podcast.

Dean explains…

In 2019 AGL Energy Gippsland provided me a Diversity and Inclusion Grant to participate in the Gippsland Community Leadership Program delivered by Committee for Gippsland.

I can’t speak highly enough of GCLP and the other rural leadership programs run under the Regional Leadership banner.

My Professional and Community Leadership journeys have advanced and my ability to influence and lead change while enabling others has blossomed.

I truely believe the strength in rural areas is community, and community is the secret to resilience and sustainability. We have seen the proof in the pudding through the 19/20 bushfires and now through Covid, now more than ever we need strong community leadership.

The talented Neil Butler is interviewing people who have participated in Rural Leadership programs for his podcast, here is our conversation sharing my insights.

If you are interested or you have any questions about the Gippsland Community Leadership Program please reach out, it will change your life and your community.