Leadership Program

Gippsland’s Regional Diversity

GCLP embraces the diversity of our region and its people, reflecting it in the learning spaces we utilise and the subject matter that contributes to learning. The program is structured to deliver enhanced understanding of the:

  • power and impact of leadership
  • workings of government and political environments and the role of advocacy
  • value of community connections
  • diversity of Gippsland and its challenges and opportunities
  • your qualities as a leader now and the leader you can become

Growing Gippsland’s Leaders

Hear from sponsors and past graduates as they reflect on what their involvement in the Gippsland Community Leadership Program has done for them personally, for their workplace and for their career.

12 Month Commitment

Program Days are spread throughout the year and consist of a number of one day interactive program event days supplemented with four residential program events throughout the year.

Within Gippsland and Further Afield

Program Days are held across the breadth of Gippsland and include trips to Parliament in Melbourne and Parliament in Canberra where our participants meet and converse with Members of Parliament.

Throughout the year participants are invited to a number of functions and experience our Leadership online events.