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Kicking-off GCLP 2021 In Koonwarra

GCLP Cheryl Glowry 1 - Kicking-off GCLP 2021 In Koonwarra

The GCLP’s 2021 participants have begun their journey in leadership.

We found ourselves in the lovely Koonwarra Village for the day. Our first guest speaker is Cheryl Glowrey from Federation University.

As an environmental historian, Cheryl’s research of the history of South Gippsland has developed an understanding of the Indigenous history of the area as well as the rich diversity of European settler stories. She is involved in local and regional history projects including oral histories, curating exhibitions, presentations and encouraging others to participate in understanding their community.

Cheryl explained Gippsland’s history in a passionate and interesting way, reminding us “history is not black & white, but shades of gray, good and bad. Leading us into the understanding we have to have knowledge of our history to move forward in trying to find a new identity for Gippsland that takes us into the future.

GCLP Malcolm Lazenby - Kicking-off GCLP 2021 In Koonwarra

GCLP’s second guest speaker was Malcolm Lazenby from Global Leadership Foundation.

Malcolm is internationally recognised for his success in creating innovative approaches to engaging individuals, organisations and communities in transformational change.

His significant experience and pioneering approaches in emotional intelligence and emotional health levels in Australia are acknowledged globally and he continues to support, develop and transform leaders and their organisations through this work.

Malcolm delves into the conscious and unconscious behaviours, discussing above and below the line behaviours, or “the line of choice!”