Selection Process, Cost, Scholarships & Application

Selection Process

Application forms will be assessed on the Participant Selection Criteria below and applicants meeting the criteria will be invited to participate in further assessment activities to expand upon their written application. Selection activities may include phone interviews, behavioural-style panel interviews (conducted across Gippsland) and psychometric profiling.

The uniqueness of this program relates to its ability to reflect the diversity of our region among the participants. This means that the final selection will always result in a blend of participants that come from all over Gippsland reflecting a broad range of age, backgrounds and experience. Every one of Gippslands’ local government areas will be represented in the final mix of participants.

Diversity and Inclusion

GCLP is committed to ensuring each cohort represents the diversity of our region. Consideration is given to ensure diversity of age, gender, cultural background, LGA, community involvement, industry, employer, and job role. By valuing diversity of perspective, the cohort and program (and therefore the community) benefits by leveraging the diverse thinking, skills, experience and styles of the collective.

GCLP places great emphasis on inclusion and accessibility, striving to ensure people of all abilities can access and participate equitably throughout the selection process and the program. GCLP supports reasonable adjustment requests in any stage of the assessment process and program to remove barriers and facilitate full participation for all applicants with disability.

Participant Selection Criteria


Live in one of the six local government areas within Gippsland:

  • Bass Coast Shire
  • Shire of Baw Baw
  • Shire of East Gippsland
  • Latrobe City
  • South Gippsland Shire
  • Shire of Wellington

General Requirements

  • Willingness to commit to time/travel requirements of the program *
  • Ability to meet the financial commitment
  • Demonstrated evidence of your employers’ support for you to undertake the program

* Time/Travel Commitment Requirements

  • Ability to meet minimum 80% attendance (this is a firm expectation)
  • Ability to attend all (three) Gippsland residential sessions
  • Ability to attend out of region program events (i.e. Melbourne / Canberra)

* The Program Director is to be notified as soon as an inability to fulfill these commitments has become evident. The circumstances of your situation will be considered and accommodated if appropriate.


  • Evidence of commitment to community
  • Understanding of the future challenges and opportunities in Gippsland


  • Evidence of leadership achievement and/or demonstrated potential to fulfil leadership roles at the completion of GCLP

Competency Matrix

The GCLP participant selection process allows applicants to demonstrate the below competencies through information gathered throughout the process that relates to multiple facets of the individual including their knowledge, experiences, motivators and behaviours.

Growth Mind-set

Leading the way in effecting strategic change as an individual or within an organisation or community group

Competency Definition
Community Awareness abcdefDemonstrating ‘business sense’ in the context of community; possessing and using knowledge of the region and societal factors impacting the community to identify potential risks, problems and opportunities
Initiative Acting of own accord; being proactive and self-motivated
Innovation Introducing original ideas; applying new methods; being creative
Leadership Providing guidance, feedback and direction to team and individuals; inspiring and encouraging others towards goal achievement; assisting others to work at full potential; creating and defining a compelling vision and organising others to pursue it
Learning Orientation Actively seeking new ideas and different perspectives; continuously enhancing own knowledge and skills; readily assimilating new information
Tenacity Doing what it takes to achieve worthwhile goals; making repeated attempts to achieve a goal despite barriers


Working cooperatively and effectively with others

Competency Definition
Building Relationships abcdefProactively developing and maintaining effective relationships to facilitate the achievement of goals
Communication Expressing thoughts, ideas and information in a clear, appropriate manner, using appropriate structure, grammar and language tailored to the listener/reader
Concluding Working through each aspect of a task of a project; overcoming obstacles; driving a task or project through to completion

Processing of Applications

Applications open on Monday 9th October 2019 and close at 5pm on 11th November 2019.

Interviews will be conducted from 18th November 2019 through to Friday 29th November 2019. Confirmation of the dates for the 2020 program will be available at the interviews.

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application no later than the 6th December 2019.

The evaluation of applications is a confidential process.

Investment Cost and Scholarships

The GCLP experience is provided with the assistance of funding support from Regional Development Victoria and a number of sponsors across our region. This enables us to provide a subsidised program in a range of categories as follows:

  • Employer Sponsored$4,400 (GST inclusive) + individual contribution from participant of $550 (GST inclusive).
  • Sole Trader – $2,750(GST inclusive).

Scholarships may be available in several categories as follows:

Scholarship & SponsorCriteria
C4G Barry Rogers Bursary Committee for Gippsland abcdef
Proactively developing and maintaining effective relationships to facilitate the achievement of goals
Dairy Industry Gardiner Foundation
Must be employed in the dairy industry either on farm or in production
Indigenous Scholarship Bank Australia
Must identify as an indigenous Australian and able to provide evidence of acceptance by the indigenous community
Williamson Foundation Scholarship
Over the past two years this has been split to provide two self- funded scholarships at the 50% rate we offer for self -funded enabling four people to participate
Diversity Scholarship AGL
Must reflect diversity of either gender, culture, personal relationship orientation (LGBTI)
The criteria in selecting suitable applicants will include:
– Must reside in rural and regional Victoria
– Able to demonstrate leadership potential
– Ability to commit the required time and energy to the program and to engage as an active learner
– Show a genuine interest in their community and community engagement
– Have the potential to commit time and energy to leading their community in the future

Instructions to apply for a scholarship

On the application form in the section titled Program Fees there is a box stating Scholarship (please specify), in the box please enter the scholarship that applies to you/the applicant. During the interview process you/the applicant will be asked for your responses and evidence to determine if you are a suitable candidate for Scholarship. This information is then presented to the sponsors of the scholarship to be approved. The successful and unsuccessful applicant/s will be notified.